Tuesday, August 12, 2008

at this very moment, 8 years ago, I was sitting in front of the computer playing a game with Craig and trying to get a bowl of chicken soup down before we left for the hospital.  I was nauseous from nerves. 

8 hours later we had our first child. Connor was born in Payson, Utah while we were students at BYU.  Craig had just changed his major from art teaching to computer animation and I was supposed to start working at Education Week two days later. (yah, that so didn't happen. I *still* feel bad for the ones who had to scramble to fill that gap...)

His first word was "ball"  - although our Chinese neighbors claimed that he was saying "daddy" in mandarin -  and he ate everything. I kid you not, this kid was a chunk. I should scan photos, but I'm too lazy. 

Now he's tall and skinny and sporting surfer hair and a tan so dark I'm afraid he'll get skin cancer before he's 10.  Right now he and his brother are sprawled across the bean bag, playing Viva Pinata (a birthday gift) before we head to the park. 

Tonight he goes to his first Scout meeting, and Saturday he will be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  

It's a good thing he still loves cuddling and holding mom's hand when we walk places together, or I might have to inform him that his 'growing up' time was over. 

pics to come tomorrow, i'm sure.


Nanette said...

We had a great time with you today!
Elle and Nanette

Nanette said...

Tonight Elle said, "I can't believe Connor is 8 already! He's growing up so fast. It's so sad he's not my age anymore. Well, he's still fun to play with!"

Gurgy said...

Happy Birthday Conner!!!

Rika Silverpaw said...

Happy Birthday Conner :)

pikula family said...

Happy Birthday Connor!! Kristen, what time is the baptism on Sunday?? We want to be sure we are there!! HAve fun!!

Erin said...

I can't believe it's been 8 years. I still remember being awed that you were pregnant with him. Happy B-day Con!

Kristen and Ryan said...

Wow! Happy Birthday Connor! Take lots of photos at the baptism! We wish we were there!

the lunch lady said...

I feel your pain. (Change is hard.)

But I love your stories.

You are obviously a great mom.