Friday, August 15, 2008

after hitting the tar pits we headed over to the LACMA where the boys got free memberships until they are 18 (one free adult per child, how convenient), and headed straight to the Boone Children's Gallery.

there were shapes to build with. some kids made a fort. Other's made a tea party. Our kids made a lounge.  
then it was on to the building table which provided cardboard, glue, tape in all colors, paper, scissors, pipe cleaners, etc.  Elle made a mailbox, and so did Connor I think..., and Fletcher made a house for baby jaguar. 
Here they are at home with their spoils. We saw some other cool stuff at the LACMA, like a table and chairs that looked like they were made for the BFG. Also some decidedly NOT cool things, like a sheep in formaldehyde, and a spinning painting, the memory of which still makes me queasy (dizziness, not grossness).
It was a fun day! Thanks, Ubermom (heh) for dragging us out. I'm glad my stomach behaved until after we got home. 

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