Friday, August 08, 2008

i warned you that summer would be boring for you.  this week? after spending last weekend holed up reading that book I managed to get out and get the boys to the park, pool and beach this week. Started our second round of beginning fencing lessons. 

have been reading Writer Mama by Christina Katz, in an attempt to find something I can do with myself to add to the "someday a house" fund.  Started a new bean bag and am thisclose to finishing it. 

the big deal around here? the apartment got new flooring this week! wooot! they tore up the old vinyl in the kitchen, and then put wood-look linoleum in the kitchen, and under the table (imagine angelic voices singing in joy) and in the entry-way. then they put new carpeting in the living room. Add to that our new furniture and recent paint job, and I am feeling fully like a grown up here! (thank heaven it happened before i turned 30..) 

last night I got a girls' night out with 5 friends. what did we do? we joined the screaming masses of teenagers at the Stephenie Meyer concert/signing, naturally. we don't love how fan-girl it's all gotten, but we had to give a peer props. 

(picture stolen from Jen's blog

of course, i do not appreciate how stephenie has raised the bar for Mormon housewives everywhere... 

have a good weekend! 


Maxine said...

What? You WENT to that?? How on earth did you manage to get tickets? I heard they sold out in, like, 15 minutes. Did SM answer any good questions?

Gurgy said...

OMG I am soooooo jealous! How DID you get tickets to it?

Kristen said...

just like every crazed person there, we had someone sitting near the phone, waiting to pick it up and make the call just as the clock struck 10 a.m on the day the tickets went on sale.

mad props to betsey for rocking the tickets for us!

Nanette said...

You really need to show pictures of your improved pad. It looks awesome and, yes, very grown up. :)

Rika Silverpaw said...

That book was TOTALLY awesome. I didn't put it down till it was finished and read the darn thing ALL NIGHT!

Joni said...

yeah, and I bet that Stephenie Meyer has all her food storage, too.

thanks a lot, lady.

thinking of you! hope everything is going well!