Tuesday, May 08, 2007

We went to the Eclipse prom last weekend in Tempe Arizona. We missed the reading of the first chapter of Eclipse, but Melissa and I both bought books so we stopped in the desert on the way home Sunday and read it out loud.

The trip was so great! People kept coming up to Karalenn (that's Penelope Crackers to many of you!) and asking if they could take a picture of her in her dress. She was a celebrity for a night!


Gurgy said...

OMG you went to the prom??? AND you got copies of Eclipse early??? OH MAN I am sooooooo jealous!

Amber said...

That's awesome!!! You guys all look FANTASTIC. I bet it was so much fun. Rock on girls!!!

Penelope Crackers said...

Hooray! I haven't got my pictures up yet. Maybe later tonight. That was the most fun ever! I can't wait to do another girl's weekend next year- just not any sewing, etc. Palm Springs is my vote or you all come visit me in Utah and come to Education week or something. What fun we had!!!!

Catherine Hardy said...

So, I'm confused... You said that you bought a book while you were there. Which book did you buy if Eclipse isn't out until August? I thought you already had copies of Twilight and New Moon.

Anyway, I am TOTALLY jealous! I wish there would have been some way I could have gone. It must have been the BEST time EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you got to do that!

Was it soooo cool to meet Stephanie (sp?)? I bet it was.

Oh, by the way... I went and looked on your friend's blog and I was a little surprised at the portrayal of Edward and Jacob. Were those hired characters or just guys who decided to dress up for the prom? I always imagined Edward to be much thinner, taller, and with shorter and darker hair (and out of his face) and Jacob was too short and scrawny. You know what I mean. But if they were there just for fun then "snaps" to them for dressing up! What guy would do that? (Not many that I know)...

Anyway, thanks for sharing and congratulations on your creative and fun idea and how well it worked out!