Monday, May 21, 2007

Connor has been into costumes lately.... again. He used to wear his Harry Potter robe everywhere he went. Every day the year he was 2, I had to draw a new scar on his forehead. This is the Zorro costume he put together, and he's been getting on my case to sew him a costume so he can be Link from "Zelda, Twilight Princess".

Fletcher's new hobby has been laying with his ear on my stomach and listening to it growl. If I lay on the couch or on the bed to rest for a minute I'm stuck until he gets bored of the noises.


Erin said...

tee hee hee...on some days Trevor is Superman, Spidermn, & the Dash. I love being the mom of the little boy in the store wearing the Superman cape!

henryteachers said...

It sure is fun having boys, isn't it! Like the new look of your blog too.