Thursday, May 17, 2007

Had some beachy fun last week. (it was HOT!) and thought I'd get some pictures up for general viewing joy. Elle and nanette dug a hole and the kids spent much time jumping in and out of it. We saw the dolphins playing again that day - last Tuesday - and found some great seashells.

Craig and the boys went camping last weekend. I watched chick flicks and sewed, and organized some hot spots in my apartment. But next time, Mommy wants to come too! They had a great time together though.

Seth and Karalenn & co. came over Sunday night for some Mother's Day fun. To be honest, the only reason we invite people over to play the wii is so that we can get these great pictures. It has got to be the most entertaining thing, watching a happily married couple box it out.

Geez Kare, I knew you were competitive... :)

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Penelope Crackers said...

Man alive! Check out those guns on me. You'd think I would have kicked his butt instead of the other way around. Sheesh. :)