Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Hippens moved to Utah today. We miss you Karalenn!

My 3 year old took this picture of Kendyl a month or so ago.

Today he said, " And then kendyl will fly in the airplane to Utah? And we will say 'bye bye'? And we will cry?"

at which point I almost did.


Amber said...

Is that Kendyl or Kenzie? They look so much alike. Especially all wrapped up in a blanket. That's a cute picture though. I think I know what Fletcher will be doing 20 years from now.

Penelope Crackers said...

OooohhhhHHH. YOu big nerd! Why did you have to go and make me get teary??!! I'm being so brave too. :)

We sure miss you guys. I finally made it back online and found this. I haven't checked your blog since a few days before we left last week. I can't believe it's already almost been a week. I'll give you a call tomorrow because I wont be crazy busy looking for new houses. (I'm taking a day off.)

Miss you booger face!