Saturday, January 29, 2011

This space is turning into a forum for my weight loss (or lack thereof) tracking and that's really not at all what I meant this blog to be but since it is my current main focus - there you go.

I knew I wasn't going to show any shed pounds this week since I ate out twice and made brownies once - but I wasn't exactly expecting to show a +1.6 pounds this morning at weigh in. ALAS! Once again, reinforcement on "exercise is very good for you, but if you want to drop the pounds you HAVE to change the way you eat." Okay, okay! I get it!

So I pulled out my Points Plus tracker and started listing for today what I ate, and calculated the points, etc. I know that if I pay attention to what is written down I will eat less, esp. since I am not so much as a hungry eater as a bored eater.

Keeping busy and active and eating less stuff and more fruits and veggies is the goal for this week. Maybe all that time spent being busy and not eating will lead to some actual craftyness, which is what this blog was supposed to be about when I started it years ago... ha! probably I can count on my hands how many posts are actually about craftyness....

Just means I'm well rounded, right? ( looking down at the spare tire around my middle, I think I can say that I am, quite literally.)


Maxine Parrish said...

Doh! That sucks. Sorry. Hey, I have a project for you that could keep you busy for a little while - wanna hem my white skirt for me?? Pleeeeeease??? I'll pay you in a delicious-yet-very-healthy lunch!

Gurgy said...

Its tough, I have been doing really well on my exercising every night except the past 3 nights while my sisters were here lol.... then I got lazy!! So back to it for me tonight because I could finally fit back into my docker's.

Nanette said...

Don't lose hope!! I still expect to see you fit into that bathing suit (you know the one) when we come for the 4th of July!

*tapping of the foot, hands on hips)*