Saturday, January 22, 2011

So I went ahead and joined Weight Watchers, at the prompting of a friend who is also doing the program and likes the point tracking and the weekly accountability it offers for her motivation. That was a week ago, and the scale there said 153.8.

Today it said....... 153.2

I have to admit, while I know 1-2 pounds a week is healthy and normal, I was hoping for 2-3 pounds. I did increase my exercise by a TON, after all! Okay, maybe just a LOT.

I ran Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. For about 30 mins each time with walking in between so as not to jack my knee up right off the bat. I did yoga twice, and my weight training workout once. All in all, about 3.5 hours, Plus I walked a few miles this week too, between going to parks and walking around town.

I changed my eating habits but not a ton. I did great Sat-Tues, and then Aunt Flo came to visit with a vengeance and I disintegrated into a hormonal chocolate and muffin consuming automaton.

One thing I did notice with some surprise was how FULL I was the days I ate well. When I add more healthy fiber and protein to my diet, I feel considerably more satisfied than when I am stuffing my face with things that get used up real quick. So with that, and my meager .6 lbs down, I suppose week one was not a total loss.

Also, on my measurements, I lost an inch at the hip - which could mean that I will lose my bum weight before my belly weight; or it could mean I was wearing thicker pants that day. :)


Maxine Parrish said...

Hooray! Even .6 lbs is worth celebrating because you're getting healthier. That reminds me, I should lay off the sweets too...

Jeanne said...

Just remember that when you begin to exercise & eat well the first thing that will happen is that muscle will tone & strengthen. That won't show up on a scale. It'll come. And way to go! I'm lacking the motivation & admire you.