Friday, January 07, 2011

The Great Plan of Greatness

Okay. Here goes.

For some time now I have wanted to shed 10 or 15 pounds to get down to a more, svelt-ier me. And since we moved to Burbank in August, there has been a 10-15 pound change in my physique.

It was just in the wrong direction.

So now that 10 pounds has turned into almost 30 pounds and in my last post I announced my intention of running a 1/2M to try to fight the effects of my eating and laziness.

My eating: yeah it's a problem. Today for instance, I had a banana and cereal, 2 cups of hot cocoa, almost an entire container of toffee from Trader Joes, and a large bowl of mint chip ice cream. And then Round Table.

and, okay, today is not perhaps the best example of how I eat but frankly it's not far off and There are certainly days where it's even worse. The thing is, if I looked appropriate compared to how I eat, I would look a darn sight worse than I do. And this is where I get into the nitty gritty:

I weigh in currently at 151 lbs. I am 5' 6" tall.
My measurements are:
38 (nursing! woo!)

For reference, in high school in my very-slender-with-no-muscle-tone days I was 118 lbs and my measurements were 32, 25, 35.

I'm putting this all out there so I can make myself accountable and hopefully somewhat motivated here. While I don't look disgusting, and mostly just like a mom of 3 kids, according to a recent health magazine I read I am firmly in the "overweight" category, and pushing "obese".

Yep. That's what they said. *shrug* Either way, it means I need to be more fit. My own personal goals:

EDIT: According to the Weight Watcher's weight guide, I am at the very upper end of "healthy" weight for my height. Who to believe??

firm up those things that should not wiggle
destroy that extra cushy roll that shows up over my waistband whenever I sit down
get my waist measurement out of the 30's (okay honestly? I'd LOVE to hit 25 again...)

Here is the Plan - the 1/2M training has running done 3 or 4 times a week, cross training 1 or 2 days, and one rest day, and one stretch day. My cross training is going to be a combination of walking, yoga, and strength training. It's a pretty hefty regimen, but it's going to be necessary. Most of the links I see has "beginner" as someone who runs 20-25 miles per week. Starting as of now, I could run probably 15 miles a week if I pushed it.


So please! Wish me luck and root me on, and send me nasty messages if I mention chocolate or ice cream!


Maxine Parrish said...

No more cake for you, young lady! Starting after that tuxedo cake...

Kristen and Ryan said...

I am right there with you! You have motivated me to actually finally do something! I have wanted to for a long time but never just done it!

BTW, burn that magazine! It can't be right.

Gurgy said...

I am proud of you, I am fighting to drop 60 pounds! I can't do the running thing yet, but I have made myself eat off a lunch plate, cut back on the fats and sugars, etc. We can do this together I hope!

Sharon said...

I am only two pounds heavier than you!!! I feel so good about myself.