Wednesday, October 06, 2010

got the sheers up in the dining room in time for our housewarming a couple of weeks ago. I love the blue tablecloth with the black/white/grey room. And I'm becoming a little addicted to having roses in the house.

Yesterday and today have been rainy and cold and just wonderful! I've had Christmas carols playing in the car and banana bread and cookies baking at home (thank heaven for neighbors and friends who eat them all for me).

Just one teensy drawback to the rain - we have NO GUTTERS on the house! If you want to visit me in the rain, you have to walk underneath a waterfall to get through the front door!


Gurgy said...

I would head on down to Home Depot and buy a short piece of guttering and put it over the door area. It is not that hard to install and would help alot with the rain/shower issue. lol.

Catherine said...

I would put up with a deluge of roof-water just to see YOU!