Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Craig convinced the boys to do a Steampunk theme this year for Halloween. Of course, this makes tons of work for him:

Taking apart nerf guns and painting, and rubbing, and sanding; and building a jet pack (dry ice compartment included) for Fletch.

Here are two of the nerf guns transformed. I think they look fantastic and the boys are so excited they can barely contain themselves.

He rocks my world, he does.


Pikula's said...

I am really going to miss seeing your costumes. Some of my favorites every year!! I want to see pictures of all of you together!

Gurgy said...

Way too funny! Can't wait to see ya'll dressed up.

Anne said...

I was so amazed by what Craig had fashioned that I had to look up what steampunk was. Sounds like some fantastic costumes. Can't wait to see if Vander will be in knickers also.