Friday, November 14, 2008


Catherine and her oldest son Noah are here visiting us from Texas. We haven't seen her since we moved from Utah to Los Angeles when we graduated more than 5 years ago.  When we moved away,  I was 2 months pregnant, and she was 3. Now we are both 4 months pregnant. Our kids are all the same age except she has a little girl who is 15 months old now.  I dropped the ball on that one. 

yesterday we tried to find a park in Santa Monica for the boys to explore in, but we got lost, and I ended up saying, "well let's just go to the beach". Noah was thrilled because he had never, EVER been to the ocean before.  Because we weren't really prepared, we said, "but only get wet up to your knees!" 

yeah, right. 

We're going again today, since the forecast is for a freakish 95 degrees.   More pictures to follow!


Janelle Ehat said...

SO FUN! I had no idea Catherine was pregnant too! That is so much fun!

Kristen and Ryan said...

Sounds so fun!

DailyFamily said...

Hi Catherine!