Saturday, November 15, 2008

Guess Where I Went Today - 

la Ciudad restaurant in downtown LA! Catherine and I went down for a cooking class and an amazing lunch made by celebrity chefs Mary Sue Miliken and Susan Feniger. It was all about how to cook with chilis - 
here we are with the chefs!

doin' their thing

we didn't think of taking photos of ANY of the food until dessert! noooo! 


Gurgy said...

Feel free to pass on some tips on cooking chili's!!

Pomona Noltes said...

That is so cool, Kristen. What a fun thing to go do! Was it free?

Penelope Crackers said...

Sounds so fun. How come I never knew about that place when we lived there for 4 years? I guess you have to come to LA as tourist or stay with a friend to think to do the fun stuff there. Hey- how's your calendar coming along? Only 5 more pockets to go and a bunch of extra embellishments on the rest for me. eeeee!

Amber said...

Holy cow! How fun. I think I remember watching them cook on TV when I was younger. Weren't they one of the "original" TV chefs?