Sunday, November 16, 2008

I really don't love sushi.

I've tried it, and there is some that's fine - I do enjoy the tuna at Gyu-Kaku  - but I never have a craving for it, and I'll never chose it over any other kind of food. 

But Catherine loves it. And Craig has recently become enamored of it as well. So last night Craig took us ladies out to Kiriko Sushi on Sawtelle. We waited for about 10 minutes for a table, which was nice because apparently the place is highly recommended. 

I got a salad and edamame (which was very good) and they ordered a variety of spicy sushi rolls and sushi which they then proceeded to drool and fight over for the remainder of the meal. It was appalling.  Craig had the smoked salmon sushi first, because it was the best, but Catherine saved hers for last ("it's dessert" she said). Her eyes nearly rolled back into her head. 

So if you enjoy yourself some sushi, I pass along the suggestion. Apparently it was the best smoked salmon sushi either one of them had ever had.  


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Catherine said...

It really was the BEST smoked salmon sushi I've EVER had!!! I only wish we had ordered MORE!!!!

Thanks Craig and Kristen!