Tuesday, November 04, 2008


words written: 4,220
words to write by end of day to be caught up: 2, 267

I'm doing it! almost 20 pages done! I LOVE MOTIVATION!

also, please vote today

it's very important. 

I've been making loads of lists lately. Thanksgiving ideas (we need kid crafts to keep the little snookers busy), Christmas ideas, sewing ideas (so much sewing! ooh lala!), things-to-do-while-Catherine-is-here ideas, I feel very very busy but I'm also managing to keep myself scheduled so I'm not overwhelmed.  Of course today I've gone to Target, and voted, and done nothing else even though I've been home for 2 hours and could have washed dishes and covered one of my couch cushions... mmm.  OH WELL!  I feel great! Yay!   Sadly, this euphoria tends to hit around mid-morning and then come crashing down around 1 pm (shoot, only 1/2 hour to go!) when my energy flies away with the morning clouds.  Ah, pregnancy.   

I should go write. Or sew. Or - haha, make lunch for my poor son..   Happy Week!!!


DailyFamily said...

I voted! :)

Wow!! Good job on your writing. I'm impressed. I don't think I have that much self-discipline.

Gurgy said...

I voted! Good luck on your writing sweetie..

Nancy H. said...

I voted! And good luck on your book. I'm trying to as well, but I'm just getting my ideas out on paper first.

corbeau said...

Good job!

Will we get to read it when you're finished?