Wednesday, March 05, 2008

my shelf.

when I'm not staring at the bright screen of my laptop (which I do for insane amounts of time. my husband has threatened to cut me off. i'm begining to think it may be a good idea) this is my eye-level view at the computer desk. It's perfect, no? My husband, when he built this writing/crafting center for me, also set all my things on it, in the places he thought they should go. On the left is all of my writing resources: how-to's, inspirations, baby name book for character names. On the right are my writing pads, dictionaries, journals.

I love how it is set up, and there to remind me that I REALLY OUGHT TO BE WRITING RIGHT NOW, AND NOT ON THE BLOG.


and that little "bookend" in the middle? That would be the reason why I have to stay away from Trader Joe's at all costs. I'm not a big nut fan, but I'm not sure if I've ever met a candy that was more addictive than these. There's a lot of fat in those suckers. (but hardly any cholesterol, and lots of fiber, so they're actually kinda healthy, right?)

have some great projects that I'll be starting in the next few days. (no, not writing) I'll try to be al inspiring and show pictures and progress, but no guarantees.


Erin said...

Ooooh! New projects eh? I will be waiting w/ baited breath to see what you've got going on.

Erin said...
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