Tuesday, March 11, 2008

critics have been harsh, even angry, in their reviews of this movie. I have not read one good review yet, actually. but I loved it. and the other people who I know, who have seen it, have loved it as well. sure, I wish it had been longer, so I could have seen more character development.

but I really loved the movie. the colors, costume design, and story were great; and lots of fun. I enjoyed all of the actors' performances, and laughed over and over again during the movie.

so go see it. rub those critics' faces in their own disgust.


Erin said...

I've heard from a friend that it's just great. I hadn't even heard of it before so Im on-board to see it.

Hannah said...

it was fun. thanks for getting me out!

Penelope Crackers said...

Well I can't believe I still haven't seen it when it's my favorite name. :) I plan on it real soon though. Maybe when I stop coughing my lungs out.