Wednesday, March 26, 2008

craig took these pictures of the boys in their easter suits. note the easter sunday mess in the background. not sure what the prompt was for this pose, and these expressions:

"were giving all of your toys away to charity"? because it doesn't look very happy...
connor was so full of himself in his suit. he just knew he was all that. i am a stud. and now you all know it.
silly string + 3 kids = way too much fun. When they were empty, I think it was Elle who said, "we're ready for our refills!"

they were totally bummed when there weren't any.


Nanette said...

Elle says, "I think he's dressed up to dance with me!" she hopes that they will dance soon.
I think your boys are ADORABLE!! Thanks for finally posting their cuteness!

Gurgy said...

I just love your two boys, they are so much like you and craig it cracks me up!!

Penelope Crackers said...

I love that top photo. Totally cracked me up! Perfect easter expressions. :) hahaha