Friday, March 21, 2008

kenneth hahn state park, culver city

also known as "the bee park" by the kids. the first time we went, there were 4 bee stings on 3 kids. it's the only place they don't ask to take off their shoes. the above photo is of "snake mountain" - named because I, in my parental sneakiness said one day; "Don't go up into that grass at the top where I can't see you. There might be snakes." although, there probably really ARE snakes there, in summer.

i wonder, if we move away from each other, will these kids ever forget? even though they were young, will those 4 years ever disappear? there is such a love here. honestly i didn't expect it. the boys are always so happy to see Mason. hey there, girl.

oh so mighty.

connor is studying fossils in school right now. we took him to the Museum of Ancient Life in Utah, and he could hardly contain his excitement. He came home with a 50 million year old fish fossil, and also with this miniature hammer and pick. I think he spent 2 hours on snake mountain Wednesday, looking for bones.

note how deep in thought. note how dirty.

"Mom, Look! A bug!"

"Uh huh. Looks like a nymph of some kind. Probably will turn into a beetle, kinda like a ladybug."

"They like grass, right? If we feed it a bunch of grass then we can watch it turn into a beetle!"

"Ummm..." but then he was already running back toward his friends. Poor bug.

no bones. but some cool rocks.

Connor has also been studying how animals use camouflage to hide. they practice. some find it difficult to try to hide while also trying to pose for the camera.


Hannah said...

looks so gorgeous! can't wait to come out and play again!

Penelope Crackers said...

How can we forget the bee stings. :) Two girls, same foot, same spot, same exact moment. So weird. Kendyl was just talking about that a few days ago when I told her not to freak out when she saw a bee, but to hold still. That it would probably just leave her alone if she didn't try to hurt it and then she said, "or step on it, remember?" Poor thing. I like all this stuff Connor is learning about. YOu have such a cute way of writing about it, you little writer, you.

Gurgy said...

lol, I love to read your blog sweeitie, it always cheers me up!