Monday, December 10, 2007

Am I going to be warm tonight! Finished the robe in all it's flannel-y toille-y glory.

well, okay. Maybe not finished. Maybe I still have to actually sew the buttons on and do the hem, but whatever. Easy. I've been wearing the nightgown almost every night (and feeling very much like Jane Austen, yes) but it's been kinda cold. So, I'll be very happy to have some long-sleeved goodness to wrap myself in during these chilly los angeles nights. (listen, we don't have a heater at ALL, okay? it does get kinda cold here!)

*big thanks to Nan for spying the fab fabric for it!! :)


Catherine Hardy said...

Question... are you ever going to actually model the outfit or are we only going to see it on your dummy? I mean, I KNOW it's a nightgown and robe... but still! I live about a gazillion miles away so I can't just come over! Anyway, I'm sure it's even more adorable on you than it is on the dummy.

Kristen said...


I dunno. Maybe.

Hey - how about Christmas? Yeah. I'll do Christmas morning pictures in it. Okay. Deal.

Amber said...

You don't have a heater? Or you don't have one that works? Either way that is awful. It gets down in the 40's at night. You should go buy some space heaters from Target, so you don't have to freeze every night.

Gurgy said...

Do NOT buy space heaters, they are the number one cause of house fires!!! Buy a lightweight down blanket, they are wonderful and you can pick them up for under $50.


Penelope Crackers said...

Just. Lovely.

I will take a pic of me in it if you make me one for Christmas. :)