Friday, August 10, 2007

I told them to make a grumpy face. This picture is one of my favorites of them. Can you believe my big guy is turning SEVEN?! It makes me so proud to see what a loving kid he is, and so thoughtful. And it makes me so sad to see how fast he is growing! Already I'm counting how many years left until he leaves the house and it's not enough!

He's nervous about starting public school this year. He'll be in 2nd grade! (deep breaths) I know that it will be more fun than he is imagining, but still I don't know what to do to help with the nervousness. It's not like I'm all calm about it myself...

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henryteachers said...

Ah yes. I can't believe our Wymount babies are 7 now. I hope his first year in public school goes well for you and him.