Thursday, August 02, 2007

Good grief I said what happened! You can SEE what happened. The kid got stitches!!

alright alright! he was running at the park and slipped on a sandy patch of sidewalk and came down on his left side on the edge of a park bench. pushed his cheek up into his teeth and he punctured himself just beautifully . Luckily for me there was not much blood after the first couple of compresses. I'm sure if I had lost it, he would not have done so well.

Poor kid fell asleep on me after his initial cry - which was surprisingly short. And then the only other time he cried was when they gave him the novicane shot. Doctor told him "if you count to 10 then it will be all over" and so he's screaming at the top of his lungs because of the shot and still trying to count. Broke. My. Heart. He laid very still for the stitching, and got lots of compliments.

Grateful thanks to Nan for taking care of me, Hannah for taking care of the kids, and Rachel for the toy. None of which we could have done without.


Amber said...

Thank you. :o)

Erin said...

N I C E!!! I'm sorry, but I love it when other people (as in, not just me)have "I feel like the worst mom" moments. Brave little guy, horrible spot too.