Friday, August 03, 2007

The first 6 tree skirt blocks are coming along nicely! Just two more layers and then we start the next 6 blocks, which will have darks on the top horizontaly instead of vertically. It's gonna look sweet!

Got the 9 blocks for Mason's lap quilt done. She kept saying she wanted it as big as her bed.... yah that's so not going to happen.

I've got them sewn here horizontally, and I'll put sashing between the rows in that dark purple that you can see in the bottom middle block. Then outline the whole thing in a triple layer sashing of dark purple-white-dark purple. Then I'll need to find a good border and binding. Which I have to go to the store for. Hope to heaven I can find a matching fabric. One of these is bound to be in stock, no?


Marjolein said...

Oh wow.....this is so beautiful!!! Must be a lot of work, but so worth it when you're done I guess? Hope you'll find some matching colors for the banding!

Marjolein said...

Oops....I meant for the border.... LOL