Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Halloween is almost upon us! We are generally a Theme Family, and we all dress up with a particular theme in mind and it's very fun. This year was going to be an Indianna Jones theme which I was willing to be excited about despite the total lack of variety (the guys were ALL going to be Indiana, and I was going to be Miriam from "Raiders of the Lost Ark". But Craig's creativity and enthusiasm is being sapped by a current project at work and we scrapped the "huge halloween fiasco" this year.

Now the boys both want to be Harry Potter (who connor has been twice already! Fine with me!) and Craig is thinking he'll be the Shadow - which, if you ask me, will take more creativity than Indy, but whatever. So I get to be whatever I want. I think I'll go Geisha this year. That will be fun.

Time to start making the lists for Thanksgiving and Christmas. What we'll eat, do, buy, etc. Last year we got Round Table Pizza for Thanksgiving dinner and it was really fun! I did not have to stress and slave in the kitchen all day, and we enjoyed the meal immensly! Round Table really does have the best pizza ever. I won't even get started on the garlic twists.

We're not going home for any of the holidays this year. So we have to find a way to occupy ourselves for the breaks from work and school. I'd like to head up into the mountains one weekend so that Fletcher can actually see snow.

fun! Kris

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