Monday, October 16, 2006

Apparently I never blogged two of the most-fun things I did this summer! We had two girls-nights-out, both in September. On Sept 13 we went to Torrance to a book signing by Stephenie Meyer. She has written two YA novels, Twilight and New Moon, both of which are excellent! And she is working on 3 more novels, one of which will be an adult sci-fi. Check her out at .

The second was also a book signing, this one by Meg Cabot, of Princess Diaries fame. (which, frankly, I don't think are her best books.) She also has several adult novels out BESIDES the early ones which are all smutty romances. My favoriets of hers are the Mediator series, originally published under pen name Jenny Carrol. Her recent GREAT book is Avalon High. Teen Idol was also very very fun! Her blog is my favorite one to read:

Yes, I am a grown up, hooked on Young Adult literature. I'm sorry folks, you just can't beat the humor! and they're clean! (Given, I also love Janet Evanovich, who is HILARIOUS, but not so clean...) YA books are the new chick-lit.

Also recent great reads are "Fairest" (YA fantasy) by Gail Carson Levine, who wrote Ella Enchanted which is endlessly better than the movie; and "Archangel" (adult sci-fi/fantasy) by Sharon Shinn. I will be reading much more of Shinn in the future!

On the writing vein, my class at UCLA starts on Wednesday. We are heading down there tonight to find the building and locate parking that is not scary-far-away and arm-and-leg expensive. I also have to get a carry case for my laptop.


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