Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Went to Costco on Saturday to renew a long-unused membership. Was reminded why it went unused for so long. The nearest Costco to us is located a mile or so from the beach. It shares a parking lot with Albertsons, Hollywood video, and In-N-Out Burger. If any of you have ever wondered what Hell is like, I suggest you try to find a parking spot at Marina Del Rey Costco, on a Saturday.

So it's a good thing I'm not Catholic, because our little "we're going without sweets until Easter" lasted maybe a day or two. We realized that 1) we had a gallon of ice cream in the freezer that we just couldn't let go to waste, 2) we had a giant bag of M&M's in the cupboard (for teaching our kindergart'ner math) (and eating whenever the urge hit) (okay so we only used them for math once!). Then we thought, well as soon as the existing junk food is out of the house, THEN we'll go off sweets until Easter. And then we invited friends over for dessert on Sunday. We got a 4-flavors-in-one Cheesecake. And then our friends got sick. And then we ate almost the whole thing ourselves.

But NOW, there is no junk food left in the house. Dare we try? Will saying the magic "I will not" words prove too much for us? We haven't really talked about it. I guess we'll see. I did manage NOT to stop at any fast food place on my way home from the doctor this morning. Not that I have a weak spot for fast food, but I had to go get a bloodtest before I ate today, and boy were they calling to me! I conquered. Small victories right?
- K

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