Monday, March 13, 2006

I thought I was a converted being. I thought, after all those years of swearing that I hated sushi, that perhaps it was pretty good after all. I mean, I had it at the concert; and I liked it.
However, I had ONE piece at the concert. It was rice, and shrimp. Just that. Which was good. So I went and bought a whole platter full of sushi at Costco to munch on while I gazed at the dresses parading the red carpet on Oscar night.
It was sick. All smelly from seaweed and krab. How can people eat this?
I had a couple of friends say that the problem was that it wasn't "fresh". Yeah but seaweed is seaweed isn't it? I just dunno. I'm pretty sure that I really do hate sushi, despite my geographic location.
Instead I ate 4 pieces of cheesecake. Which I also didn't used to like. But that was just because I was mis-informed. It wasn't my fault.
Got a cavity filled today. I must say, my dentist is quite amazing. Really quite. Helen Sanderson, D.D.S. of Marina Del Rey (well, her office anyway). Yep she's good. You should try her out. You know, if you're ever in the area.
And while I'm giving plugs, the new Pride & Prejudice is so great! So great! Really can't be compared to the A&E version with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth, but that is how it should be. When you can't compare them, then you don't go around, you know, comparing them.

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