Wednesday, June 01, 2011

It's OVER!

We crossed the finish line, and we even made it home without careening into another car. Which I have to say is rather impressive. Thanks to Hannah for driving!

Stumped around like I was crippled for the rest of Monday and most of yesterday; then dragged myself out of bed this morning to go to the YMCA and use the stationery bike a bit and back home for free weights. Can I just say that I hate exercising? It is really, really boring.

My middle bean got his yellow belt last night. (up from yellow-with-white-stripe) He is enjoying karate immensely, and he practices almost every day at home.

Tonight there are swim team tryouts for my oldest , and I get to try to get the others into swim lessons. Good times!


Anne said...

I am so impressed that you finished the race. I say that I enjoy jogging but I have never even tried a 5k. Maybe I will try to follow your example later when the baby is weaned.

Nanette said...

Yeaaaa! You are AMAZING!! Wow!