Thursday, June 09, 2011

(sorry, it's link-tastic today. these are all rights reserved pictures)

HERE is a pic of our *totally awesome* family last year at Halloween.

HERE is a new costume pattern this year from Simplicity!

It's catching like wildfire - in no way were we some of the first to jump on the wagon but I fell deeply for the styles and tinkery of Steam Punk so I'm very happy that it's catching some mainstream attention.

HERE and HERE are the fabrics I am considering for Comic Con this year. I'll make it up in a vintage 50's or 60's pattern, naturally. Do you have an opinion? Care to share it?

THIS is probably the pattern I'll use this year for Halloween - with a different headpiece. And I'll make the over-sleeves sheer. And THIS for Craig. I hope I don't have to figure out my own for the boys. Pattern drafting is one of those things I'd dearly love to take a class for!


Anonymous said...

So, do you make Craig's hat as well or hope you can find one that will work? I like the second Dalek fabric better, without the EXTERMINATE printed all over it. MOM

Kristen said...

Craig seems to think little of my hat making skills... :) I'll probably try making hats for the boys with that pattern, and if they turn out real good, do Craig's too. Otherwise, he'll have to hunt one down at one of the many props stores around town. :)