Friday, December 10, 2010

So, we got a new bed....

HAHAHA! No, not that one! It's crazy, no? (found here) For several months Craig has been waking up kindof sore and achy and in the midst of reconciling himself to the idea of buying a new mattress (ours was 12 years old...) he ended up sleeping at a Marriott hotel in San Diego and declared that no other mattress would do for him!

However I could not reconcile myself to paying $1300 PLUS shipping from across the country to get a Marriott mattress. Happily, Costco carries a line that is similar (as far as I could tell - I'm sure Marriott would disagree) and it was on sale for nearly a third of the price (shipping included!)

My short story is getting long, and it's not even very interesting...

I ended up giving him his Christmas present early because he needs a good night's sleep, that man! Threw in some super-high thread count sheets, a down comforter and pillow, and Craig was all set for the best night's sleep ever last night.

Enter youngest son. Enter mild fever. Enter not sleeping in his own bed, and tossing and turning all night sniffling and coughing.

Yeah. You get the picture. Poor boys!

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Gurgy said...

I put a 4" Memory Foam Topper that I ordered from a factory ($121) and put it on my mattress and I LOVE IT!!! Of course when I went down to a twin I was going to put it in storage but now it is in Mom's room along with my mattress and box springs...rofl!!!