Monday, December 06, 2010

Late posting much? Yeah, that's me. Hi. How have you been?

Thanksgiving was wonderful! Our dear friends came down from Seattle for a week and we had two other families over and there was way WAY too much food (and yet, insufficient pie leftovers...)

The menfolk did almost all of the cooking this year, as it turns out. Nan and I were not complaining!

Now that Craig has a tophat, he feels he must wear it upon occasion. It gives the moment that little extra something.

The big kids. Con and Elle have been friends since the dawn of time. Everyone jokes that they will get married some day. And my dapper little blonde man. He is suddenly growing so big!


hannah said...

oh pleez, have you checked out my blog lately!!

hannah said...

oh, and p.s., love how in every photo connor has an arm slung casually around elle :)

Gurgy said...

They are growing up way to fast! It sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

Miss ya!

Sharon said...

They are sooo BIG!!

Anonymous said...

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