Sunday, February 28, 2010

so I finished this shirt but I haven't taken a photo yet. was going to wear it to church but it is apparently more of a jeans top... 

in other repurposing news, I got this fabulous cashmere sweater from friend Hannah who accidentally shrunk it a bit and had high hopes for myself but it was just too shrunk for me too. I looked like a stripey sausage:

lots of crafty bloggers have been making pillows from old sweaters but pillows of this sort weren't going to match anything in my place so I thought I would try something I hadn't done in about 8 years - turn a grown up shirt into a baby shirt:

yes, that is a stain on my carpet. no, there were no spots without stains in which to take the photo. deal. 
I accidentally sewed the first sleeve on inside out. hearing my wail, my husband wandered in and asked what was wrong.
"I sewed the sleeve on inside out! how does that even HAPPEN?!" (because, really, i ought to know how to do it by now, don't you think?)
"Looks like a new trend to me. Inside out sleeves."
"Are you suggesting I sew the other sleeve on inside out on purpose?"
And so I did. 

the hat lasted exactly long enough to get a photo. then he threw it on the floor and we've been fighting about it ever since.  he sure likes the sweater though. cashmere tastes - I mean feels - good!


Joni said...

looks like somebody's using her serger ;-)

Kristen said...

not perfectly! but it was exciting to use it! i need a mentor!

Brit Warner said...

that's cute.

Hannah said...

my sweater looks adorable. glad you found a good use for it (although i don't think you looked like a "green sausage" :).

Gurgy said...

You need to call your Nana, she is an artist! when it comes to sewing.

Nanette said...

Well, shoot. I guess I need to talk to Hannah more often so I can get shrunken cashmere sweaters!
Although, Vader looks much cuter than I would.