Friday, February 12, 2010

because the kids and I spend so much time in the car, we've become pretty adept at deciphering vanity plates (of which there are many here) and reading bumper stickers and finding Q, X and Z on the route from our home to Dad's work. (Arizona Ave is always our last-ditch Z finder before it's too late). 

the other day we came across an "Expecto Patronum" bumper sticker, which was fun. I think my favorite licence plate lately was INEED2P (I'm not kidding. It was great).  And then two days ago we saw "Honk if you're Stupid".  Which I suppose is a great deterrent for those with road rage.  

So we're at Trader Joes yesterday, trying to find a place to park which is the newest olympic sport, and some guy pulling out of a space honks at some other guy pulling out of a space and my 6 year old, whose window is down.... 


"Honk if you're stupid!" 


DailyFamily said...

Hahahahaha...I love that!! Out of the mouths of babes, right?

Gurgy said...

ROFL good one! During my 100 mile a day commute, I see alot of vanity plates that I love to try and figure out, and some great bumper "snickers". We also got 2-3 inches of snow on Friday, yes in Alabama...wait don't I live in the "sunny" south??

Nanette said...

My favorite line of his was when we went to church with you and the speaker said, "And I know nobody is perfect. . ." Then Fletch (who none of us thought was paying attention) said, "I'm perfect!"
Cute kid.