Saturday, September 12, 2009

There is one person who has not been entirely thrilled with the new school year:

Dear Mom, (he wrote, in his most recent letter of complaint)

What have you done with my 24 hour entertainment? Why are they gone for half of my day? As the Center of the Universe, it is my right to have persons available whose sole purpose in life is to make me laugh.  

You kind of suck at that. I need them back. Instantly. 

Also, you are boring. 
and don't even think for a second, Mom, that this fancy new contraption is going to make up for it.  I can see right through your pathetic attempts at getting hobbies and chores done instead of holding me.  Nice try. 

Lots of drooly kisses,

so you can see that I'm going to have to step up and reevaluate my plans for the school year. I am not going to be the uber-housekeeper and getting-fun-things-done-er. I am going to be the entertainer, the holder, the sleep companion. What was I thinking? 

not that I mind, hear. A life of productivity is ideal, but a life of lazing about and playing with the cutest little cherub ever to squirm over the face of the earth is fine with me, too. 


Staci said...

Poor, Van. I totally get it. When Eric and Olivia are gone, Conrad let's me know that he is just not okay with it!

Gurgy said...

LOL he wants his big brothers!! Way funny. He will get used to the routine.. hopefully... hehe

Kristen and Ryan said...

How can you not just kiss and cuddle that cute little guy?! It is definitely hard on the little ones when the big kids go back to school!! (not to mention the mom's)

Allison said...

Too funny! What a cutie though. Sounds like Elizabeth when Erik is at pre-K. All of your boys are growing so much!

Angela said...

Your so creative when you write. I love to read your stuff. your little on is too cute. thinking of you.