Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Many of you know that I'm hard pressed to read/watch anything that does not include a love story.  They are simply my favorites.   

Also many of you know that I was not thrilled with the Harry+Ginny story in the last movie.  It could have been so much better, and sweeter, and actually part of the story. But whatever. 

I saw this image in smallsize on Facebook today and I thought, is that... is that Ron and Hermione?!  and I quickly googled it and Yes! It Is Them!

and now I'm hoping that the 7th movie will do a decent job with the sweet love stories that are in the book.  Because this photo is fantastic!



Erin said...

Wahooo!!!! Oh my goodness... I'm so excited now, this last movie had me a tad worried. WOW!

Erin said...

On the other hand... WHAT is she wearing?!? I mean, seriously?

Erin said...

Actually... I think that image is a paste... here's a link to another image that's almost the same & it's definitely NOT Ron. Plus, in the front-facing image you have to admit that Ron's head looks a little off. Stupid teenage groupies.

Kristen said...

SHOOOOOT! you may be right! How could you TELL me about this?!

Erin said...

I felt it was my duty... someone else had to be as miserable as. There's still hope, right?