Friday, September 04, 2009

Another day, another article

This one is all about how Whole Foods CEO John Mackey has angered a large number of his regular customers by having an opinion

Well how dare he! And now some 22,000 Facebookers have sworn to boycott the chain because they don't like what the man has to say.  What, are we terrorists now? Are we trying to put a man out of business because he refuses to think the way we want him to? REALLY?!

Happily, the boycott has caused another group of folk to BUYcott the company in St. Louis - Mackey's customers tend to be liberal Democrats rather than conservatives - and try to boost the revenue by shopping in the chain's stores. 

It seems that this outburst is nothing but an excuse for two parties to sit around and call each other names.  How progressive of us all. 

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Staci said...

Loved this article, it is very pertinent to some things Doug and I are discussing right now. Thanks.