Friday, July 03, 2009

Summer Activities! 

for family night this week my husband said, "let's all pick something that we want to work on for half an hour every day" (he's been needing to get a project done and needed some motivation and support, I'm thinking). 

Fletcher : I'm going to learn to read!
Connor:  I want to cook!
Me:  A hobby. Any hobby! 1/2 hour will be more time than I'm getting now...
Him: said project 

and so far so good. Fletcher is practically learning to read without us, the cute little guy; and Connor has baked/made something every day all week. 

3 of the 4 have been dessert-type foods but who's counting? 

today was the last day of swim lessons. we go back in august for another round and I'm glad. while my little one is no longer terrified to get his face wet at all, he still has a ways to go before I let him in the pool without his ring on. 

he did it! i'll spare you the photo of his look of utter disgust at having actually gone all the way under the water. but at least it was just a look, and not screaming panic. progress!


Gurgy said...

Tell Conner I will send him some of our "secret" recipes =) and tell Fletch "Congrats!". I can see I have more rolladex's in my

Catherine said...

That's such a good idea! I love that Fletcher is learning to read (on his own... awesome!) and Connor is just amazing! Oh... and your baby... what can I say other than "Adorable!"

By the way, you didn't mention what you have been doing for your 1/2 hour projects daily... hmmmm????