Monday, June 29, 2009

I am being tried beyond my patience. 

not by this little guy, who gets impossibly cuter every single day.  oh my heart! his older brothers have dubbed the toy "huggy bear", because "he's always hugging it!"  Naturally. 

but by our miserable-nasty weather which seems determined to hang on for an extra millennium  or two.  the pier is looking like this most days:

when it's supposed to look like this:

and for two boys who have swim lessons at 9:40 in the morning, it can get chilly! June gloom has lasted for nearly 8 weeks now. We had a gorgeous weekend - hot and sunny and perfect. Then I woke up this morning and it's clouds, and damp, and gray again. 

If you see some lady in Los Angeles shaking her fist at the sky and swearing, it's probably me. 


Gurgy said...

You can send your rain our way...(I can't believe I said that!) but the garden could sure use it as well as cutting the heat back some (we hope). We got rain some yesterday, but it only dropped the temps down approx 5-6 degrees and so now it is really muggy!

Kristen said...

if it were raining i might not care. nope. just glooming all over the place. (although today has turned out very nice..)

Amber said...

It's still June gloom around you? Weird. Ours cleared up last week and now it's getting HOT.....but it's fun....for now that is.

Ellsworth said...

I just want to kiss those rolls! I hope you have a sunny July!