Saturday, July 11, 2009

a week and a day ago my very dear friend and my son's very dear wife-to-be came to stay with us for a "long" vacation.  they are with relatives for the weekend and then back with us for only one more night before moving on. 

we've been so busy with them here!  when they lived here I pulled out several of my future daughter-in-law's teeth because I guess I'm good at it. Well on this trip, she returned the favor! Fletch lost his first tooth! (so what if it was an accident - as long as I didn't have to do it!) 

Van found that hair is very fun to hang on to.  She found this hysterical.

much enjoyment of the balcony. even on the cold mornings.

craig brought out the glow-bracelets and they commenced making their own fireworks inside before we headed up to the roof to watch various shows around the city.

One of Con's "cooking" projects, although this one was of the no-bake variety:

He wanted to surprise Elle for dessert one night  (got the recipe from Pioneer Woman). It's amazing how much ice cream will fit into those little pails!


Staci said...

Looks like a fun and full week.

Gurgy said...

Glad to see you had so much fun!

Catherine said...

He's not old enough to be losing teeth already is he?
I guess my kids just hang onto their teeth forever!

Sharon said...

Vander is sooooo BIG!!!

Erin said...

Aiden has that same little crab outfit... love it!