Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Preschool Graduation: because 5 graduations in one lifetime just weren't enough.  I was rather smug that I didn't dress him up. There were 2 other kids who were not dressed up. Almost all of the girls had floor-length satin numbers and several sported tiaras. He couldn't have cared less, and I was glad. Hi sweetie!

we needed to trim his hair for swim lessons, so the goggles would fit right. just a trim.  but he insisted on using the buzzer (he hates to stand there while I slowly snip away). We argued and argued and he won. I told him that it would make his hair super-short. He didn't care. 

Until he saw himself in the mirror. Then his little face crumpled and the tears came instantly. 
"Oh no Mom! Not this short!" 

sigh.  Oh my sweet boy.  I had to call Daddy and warn him to say nice things about it when he got home (last time Daddy saw his hair all cut off, he actually cried). 

and, thus begins our summer! sheesh!


Kristen and Ryan said...

What puppy dog eyes! Sad!

I can't believe people are dressing up their kids like the prom for preschool graduation! What is this world coming to?

Staci said...

That picture of the newly shorn boy is very moving! All three of your boys are so beautiful.

Staci said...

Oh, and nice background!

Hannah said...

5 graduations? I can only think of two - high school and college. what are the other three?

Gurgy said...

OMG! It doesn't look like him at ALL!!! Ok he has to grow it back out, what a sad face. There should only be 2 graduations, 8th grade and high school, the others are just silly!

Catherine said...

I remember you telling me that he "lost his powers" when you cut his curls off the first time.

He must have looked totally different because he appears to still maintain them in that adorable picture!!!!

Catherine said...

Oh... and I'm TOTALLY with you on the graduation thing.

As a matter of fact, on The Incredibles, I believe Mr. Incredible wouldn't attend Dash's 3rd Grade graduation because, as he put it, he didn't want to "celebrate mediocrity."

I love it!

I totally agree!

Pomona Noltes said...

I think it's super cute~