Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

went yardsale-ing again saturday but it was a wash (literally. everyone was rained out). I did get an old book of Tennyson's poems though.

we saw Indianna Jones. my hopes were kinda dashed. but my 7 year old liked it.

sunday was a lazy day of book reading and Settlers playing. also mega-ginormous-fort building. connor insisted on a peaked roof and so PVC pipe was employed. 3 quilts and two sheets were used to cover the outside. it was taller than i am.
and perfect for sitting in and watching dad play xbox. fletcher is physically incapable of not posing.
had a huge breakfast with friends this morning, made by the men. we ladies did yoga at hannah's house while they made it. ahhhh.

then i took the boys hiking.
went to home depot to get some paint swatches. i'm painting my living room! (oh i hope i don't forget to take before and after photos...yikes)

i'm super super torn because there are the colors i want more (a tuscan red/orange and a pale pale yellow) in one brand, and then there are similar colors from another company that makes eco- and kid-friendly paints that don't stink. it's just that the red has more blue than i want and the yellow is a bit... dingy looking. Craig is afraid the red might end up looking a bit pink on the walls and that would be a major catastrophe.

sigh. this going green business is stressful. and hard. but i am totally perservering here.


Hannah said...

you went hiking after that ginomous breakfast!! i'm impressed. where did you go? looks pretty.

Erin said...

Love the fort, it's been way too long since we built one. We like to do "slumber parties" with the kids once in a while & cover the living room floor with blankets & pillows, make popcorn, watch movies until late, & then all sleep out there. It's a blast.

DailyFamily said...

My friend just painted some red and had to put gray primer on the walls first to keep it from turning pink...just a thought. :) Happy painting!
When you're done, come paint my house-I hate to paint.

boxpilot said...

just make sure you pick the colors you want, but put up a neutral bg, if you're not looking at your swatches against white.

get lots of swatches, and put them all on the wall to mix and match.

and be prepared for multiple coats. probably at least 2, to get the color you really want :)


i'm jealous of the awesome fort.

Janelle Ehat said...

Fletcher is one handsome kid!