Tuesday, May 20, 2008

glorious garage sales

craig and i went garage-sale-ing for our date saturday. we had so much fun that craig insists we go every single weekend for the rest of our lives. (i think it's just because he got the awesomest deal) i totally fell in love with this wooden box, and the tin on top. i'll think of something to use them for. :)
craig informed me that this bed cover was the most hideous piece of fabric he had ever seen and that if i bought it he would vomit each time he walked into the house and saw it.

i told him i could probably make a bean bag out of it, and sell it, and he was just fine with that.
some hand-crocheted pieces. the square i'm thinking of cutting in half diagonally and putting over a skirt, front and back. the thin piano cover below i'm going to dye, and then back with some kind of wonderful fabric, and wear as a scarf.
but the best deal indeed was craig's. He got all this loot for $20. he threw away between 20 and 30 pens, but still had enough to cover the table. He even made a couple of gift bags for some artist buddies of his, and had tons and tons left over. the man was in heaven, he was so happy.

he felt bad for the seller, for a bit, thinking the guy must be kicking himself for letting it all go so cheap. but he got over it.


Nancy H. said...

What I wouldn't do for some of those art supplies. *sigh*

DailyFamily said...

Too fun!! We love to garage sale and it is a happening thing here in our little town! Everyone garage sales! I myself have gotten some wonderful furniture...lots of antiques kickin' around in the midwest!

Maxine said...

Wow! Awesome finds, guys! Every time I see what great deals people come away with, I get inspired to go garage sale-ing too. Then I forget by the weekend. Could you duplicate this post on a Friday sometime...?

Gurgy said...

I love garage sales!! I have picked up the neatest things at those and country auctions!

Rika Silverpaw said...

Wow great find on the art supplies! I know a bunch of people who would kill for all those pens! lol

Penelope Crackers said...

What?!! $20? What a deal. I'm so so so jealous. That is amazing! Way to go. He's one lucky fella. Good thing I don't live by you guys anymore or I'd be tempted to swipe some. What? He'd never miss em. He's got so many now.

Nathan Lindsay said...

"He even made a couple of gift bags for some artist buddies of his"

...darn that postal service, I'm still waiting for my little bag.