Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A couple of weeks ago I posted some gorgeous pictures of a gate with lilacs on it. Here (look, I imbeded a link! and it's embarrasing how easy that was...)

Now, to give myself some credit, I knew they weren't lilacs. But I didn't know what they were and I figured someone would correct me. Karalenn said yesterday that she was sure it was Jasmine, and then we realized we were each talking about a totally different plant.

So today I got an email from my Mom. :

Hey sweetie! Just visited your blog. . . . the pretty flowers you like so much . . . . that's Wisteria not lilacs. Might want to change that so people don't start snickering at you behind your back. Not that I did . . . . much. . . Love, MOM

So it's Wisteria! yay! And yes, my mom laughs at me on a regular basis. It keeps me humble. Love you Mom!

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