Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another funny story.

Driving down Palms last night and pulled over for a screaming fire truck. Fletcher from the back got all excited.

"I hear a firetruck Mommy!" and then the firetruck honked very loudly as it passed us at an intersection.

"...... and elephants!" yells Fletcher. Much laughing was had by all. Then on the freeway we're heading home and I ask the kids if they need to pee. "Connor do you need to pee?"

"No, Mommy, I'm okay."

"Fletcher do you need to pee?"

"No. I don't need a pee. I have an L."

I love my kids.


Amber said...

That's hilarious. I especially love the, "I don't need a "pee", I have an L". Kids are so stinkin cute. And those car conversations can be some of the best.

Penelope Crackers said...

That is sooo funny! Those cute kids. I'm so glad you posted these stories to cheer me. :)