Sunday, April 08, 2007

7 months and 25 days of no chocolate. yes, you heard me right. i have eaten chocolate. And it was no Lindor truffle, no chocolate-heaven cheesecake that did me in! It was the CADBURY MINI EGGS! I bought some and put them in the freezer, knowing full well that they were one of my favorite chocolates and that I would not be able to find them in August when i started eating chocolate again. And then I got the bag out and put some of the little scrumptius eggs into my sons' easter baskets.

The smell. It was the smell! My mouth was instantly full of drool and I thought, "just one". Half a bag later, I realized that I was going to have to eat it all to get rid of the evidence. After confessing my shame to my dh today after church, he informed me that this was "probably a lapse that you are not going to be able to recover from. I mean," he said to me, "you can't say you had no chocolate for a year when you ate an ENTIRE BAG of easter candy one weekend."


But HEY! I had no chocolate for SEVEN MONTHS AND 25 DAYS! I mean, I never would have thought that possible a couple of years ago! Never! So i AM proud of myself! .....and now I'm going to go sew a big brown 'C' on all of my shirts..... :)


henryteachers said...

That is a great accomplishment, no chocolate for that long. I don't think I could have lasted. I was reading earlier posts and what an awful car accident you had! Hope you're all doing well with life and homeschool.

Amber said...

That is THE MOST hilarious thing I think I have ever read. I was rolling. I love it. Congrats on lasting so long. I don't think I could have done it. Shoot, I don't want to do it. So kudos to you for even trying. You lasted a really long time. And those mini eggs are good. They are not easily resisted. I don't think it's entirely your fault. Let's blame the people who created the yummy little things.

Melissa said...

Hahaha...thats awesome! I'm telling you...its better this way! After going 6 years without chocolate, I think I eat chocolate almost EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I could never do it again. My will power isn't strong enough... I'm too addicted!!! 7 months is a great accomplishment and i'm sure it was worth it every yummy chocolate egg you ate!

Penelope Crackers said...

Oh Kristen, Kristen. Seth and I got such a good laugh out of this post. YOu make me so happy. :) You did so much better than me. I think I lasted three weeks (ate a brownie and a half) then another three months (ate some trail mix that had m&m's in it without realizing why it tasted so good) then went another month until my mom's Christmas fudge and then gave up until two weeks ago and now am definitely giving up now that you and Nanette have caved. So, I'm glad I could support you (sort of support you).:)