Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Where's Connor?

Actually this picture was taken back in April but I don't have any Christmas pics to post and posting pictures is fun SO here you go. It was taken just after my Great Aunt Edna's funeral, somewhere down the coast from Ukiah on Hwy 1 at Fort....um.... well, at a Fort that was off the highway. We stopped, ate, walked around a bit. There you go.

Happy New Year! 2007 is upon us! My 10th HS reunion is this year. I so am not going.

Resolutions, anyone? Usually I make a ton of resolutions and then never do any of them. So I'm taking it easy this year. Already I'm off chocolate and I wrote a book in November so I'm feeling pretty darned fulfilled lately. Of course I want to be healthier - eat better, exercize more; and of course I would like to focus on some spiritual improvements as well - but those things are always there, every day. Erin at the "A Dress A Day" blog had a good quote: "Do today the things that you will wish tomorrow you had done yesterday." I like it. And I probably shouldn't put quotes around that because I'm pretty sure I didn't get it exactly right. Oh well.

Karalenn I hope you and your family get better REALLYREALLYFAST. Hugs at you. - Kristen

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Penelope Crackers said...

Thanks. I put my two resolutions on my blog today you can see. I also want to add something else to do this year. Check out Emily's blog. I'm gonna do that! It's the perfect goal for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR EGG ROLLS! YuUUuuum!