Thursday, February 23, 2006

Well the food was good anyway. They had sushi, and all kinds of salads and lettuce wraps and fajitas and sandwiches and veggies. Even a dessert cart came by and I got a caramel apple about half the size of my head!
The music you ask? Not sure I heard any music per se.... No that's not true, Lennie Kravitz was on first and his show was pretty good. And Aerosmith did play one song that I actually knew the words to. But mostly it was, as I told Karen, lots of electric guitar and screaming into a microphone. It's really amazing that these guys have been making albums for more than 30 years! They must have all kinds of stamina.
It was really fun trying to figure out if the lady in the center aisle with the hot pink prom gloves and 5 lbs of silicone was Anna Nicole Smith or not. Someone in the suite had binoculars and after much discussion we decided that maybe it was A.N's Grandmother! I kid you not, this poor woman had to be at least in her 50s and was dressed like, well, like Anna Nicole Smith would be expected to dress at an Aerosmith concert. It was very very sad.
And then there was the lady in the front row who was either a) Pregnant & Drunk or b) a drunk man dressed as a woman . We all hoped for option 'b', because option 'a' was just too disturbing.

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