Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Great long weekend at Disneyland! Despite the cold and the rain and hail, we all had a wonderful time.
Going to see Aerosmith tonight at the Staples center. Haven't seen them in concert before (I confess, I've never wanted to...). It will be interesting I'm sure. Really, I'm going for the food! We'll be in a private suite, with catered dinner and dessert...Yep. That's why I'm going. How sad.
Found my wings again today. Have been feeling crippled for a few weeks. (months?) It feels like everything came back today. In a rush. Hopefully sitting still for a few moments here won't ruin it!
It's nearly March! I love March! And not because it's my birthday month. It means the end of cold, the end of ugly slushy roadsides. (these expressions being carried over from my childhood where there was cold, and slush. Not like LA) March means renewal, and Spring, and warmth! Man, it's better than New Years!

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