Thursday, April 07, 2011

Just in case, Mom, you are still trying to imagine me with blonde hair. :)

In an attempt to motivate my weight loss, (no, I have not managed to lose any weight since that one magical week) I asked my 7 year old to snap a couple of "before" photos.

Then I saw them.

And I cried just a little.

(ha - ya right! NOT posting them! nice try tho)

I haven't had a full length mirror in the house for a few months, and it's a bad bad thing! I look great from the shoulders up! My bathroom mirror has been luring me into making more and more sweets.

Who was it that said a woman's best accessory is a full length mirror? Dior? It was somebody of that persuasion...


Anne said...

I love that hair color on you. It looks fantastic. What do the boys think of it.

Gurgy said...

I have started eating off of the saucer plate that usually goes with a coffee cup. I have lost 17 lbs and am still working on it. Its tough though because the snack machine in my office is full of yummy stuff!!!

Kristen said...

Craig loves my hair red, connor can't be bothered to care, and Fletch keeps asking me to change it back. Van never even noticed... :)

Nanette said...

That's a great picture of you!
You are beautiful!